Our No School Adventure

Homeschooling our children in Ontario

Writing and sounding out words

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Wow has Tessa been busy lately. We have not really sat down and done much table work so there are no more words up on the word wall yet.  But she has almost been obsessed with the restaurant she created in her room 3 weeks ago.  “The Krusty Krab” (yes she watches to much sponge Bob)
She created signs for menu items like the krabby burger and kelp juice but i didn’t get pictures of those. 
Now she is moving away from the sponge Bob items and making more common foods.




She also decided she was a hair dresser and made an appointment page.  She wrote most of this all out by herself


This morning she was playing with daddy’s guitar while addie was laying on the bed.  She decided she was gOing to write out a song.  I had her sound out all the words and write them.  She didn’t finish writing out her whole song because we need to leave for gymnastics soon.


I’m not sure if i can post videos from my phone but I’m gOing to try.  i guess i can’t do it from my phone.  I’ll try to figure it out later but if your on my Facebook i will post the video there just in case i can’t figure this out

She has written and sounded out so many words in the last the weeks that our house seems to always have random papers laying around every where.  I’m a little bummed i didn’t get more pictures of what all she’s done before throwing them out.

Also this week Tessa lost another tooth.  That’s 7 teeth now.  We decided to ask the tooth fairy if we can keep the tooth and i think tomorrow I’m gOing to bring out the new mini microscopes so we can get a close look at her tooth.


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