Our No School Adventure

Homeschooling our children in Ontario

Baking and drawing

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Yesterday’s baking adventure was quite fun.  The kids measured all the ingredients and took turns mixing up the dough.  I had to knead it and roll out the dough for them though.  This recipe had a lot of “cool off in the fridge”time though which was quite boring for the kids.  I didn’t get pictures while we made the dough because i forgot and we were having to much fun for me to stop and think about it. 
Although we followed the recipe exactly and made 24 cookies after we cooked them we only had 9 that were not burnt.  Either our oven cooks better than most or we rolled the dough too thin. We made icing to decorate the cookies with but have not had time to do that yet and mysteriously some of our cookies have disappeared. …. The Kids say they are yummy!


Cars and princess crown cookies

So far today has been all about drawing. Tessa doesn’t want to sit at the table and do work today because she is drawing pictures of things around the house.


A cat playing with a ball of yarn and 2 mice going to eat some cheese.


Tessa is a cat and Quinn and addie are Mice


This is our kitten eating some food and meowing


Tessa is saying hello from the top bunk of her bunk beds


Quinn saying hello from his bed in his Spider-Man room (note the 3 Spider-Man pictures on the wall.  Lol)


Our tv stand


Mommy saying hello from the toilet.
I wasn’t going to post this picture. Lol but she worked hard drawing it. 


Our house complete with flower boxes.  She also wishes we had a flag on our roof


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