Our No School Adventure

Homeschooling our children in Ontario

Did I mention I’m horrible at blogging?

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And so starts another year!  I barely posted last year because I couldn’t figure out how to from my phone.  I realize now there is an app for word press. The posts will mainly be pictures with a brief description but I’m sure you will get the point!

A lot has happened since my last post.  We bought a house and moved back to sarnia with all our friends and most of our family.  We also added a new member to our family. 


This is little miss Addie (aka tiny Tim or sugar bug) she is 5 Months old now and threatens to ruin school time so far every day because we don’t pay enough attention to her.  I really wish she would have long naps during the day! 

Our focus this year for Tessa, who is in grade 1 this year,  will be sight words, addition and subtraction. 

One new word a day.  Today’s word is “the”



We have flash cards for each word that she can say then spell and then trace with her finger.  Next she writes out the word on a paint bag then writes it out on her writing folder and finally creates the word with play dough.  I then add the word to our word wall and she will review all the words added at the end of the week and play a few review games I’ve created. 

For math we will be doing measuring and baking as well as playing lots of games. Topics for the games are addition up to double digits (30 for now but might go higher as she learns more),   subtraction up to 10 (might go to double digits later in the year but as of now she is just starting subtraction) odd/even numbers and a couple more that I can’t think of right now.
Today we played shake and share and we also made play dough.


For reading we will be doing a chapter a day from our collection of magic tree house books. Tessa will also count out how many of that days word she can find on each page.

We are signed up for homeschool gymnastics again and I anticipate after taking the last 2 sessions off that she will participate more and cooperate.  We will also continue to go to our playgroup once a week as this is the last year Tessa can attend.

Now Quinn. ….. he technically shouldn’t start school until next year but I’ve decided to start him out slowly and see how he does with kindergarten. I’ve planned to teach him 1 letter a day (in random order) he will use the same tools as Tessa for her sight words and we have created a letter wall for him. He knows all his shapes and colors already but to keep him busy I have some file folder games for him to do while Tessa does her math ones. 

Quinn’s letter today was “a”. He wasn’t that thrilled to write it out but did draw on the paint bag and attempted to create it with play dough.  He will be involved in all the cooking and baking and will listen while we read our chapter for the day. 
This was from the weekend but it was the first time he actually write his name out successfully


And I tried him out with one of Tessa’s math games from last year (shape fill in). He understood what to do but want interested after the first turn. 


Ok that was a long post but that’s not going to happen very often. After all I’m a busy mama with 3 kiddos now!


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