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Homeschooling our children in Ontario

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And our school year begins. …

I have a lot of things to post from this summer but right now I’m posting from my phone. It might make it easier for me to keep up with the blog thi year. It may also mean a lot more typos because my phone doesn’t like me to spelll correctly!!!!! I alpologize in advance for that.
We took an extra week off so that we could celebrate tessa’s birthday before starting school. We are also planning to follow a little more of a school at home approach this year. I found last year that she didn’t really want to do much learning without suggestions and the learning she wanted to do were worksheets. Most of the time she just wanted to watch cartoons and play on the computer. I don’t have a problem with the computer time because most of the games were educational but this year she has to earn tv time by doing some work. I have a plan set up and we will see how it works. For now the plan is this….

Worksheets (6 pages) earn 30 mins tv
Reading for 30 mins (or 1 chapter) earns 30 mins on the computer
Copywork from the book we read earns 3 0 mins tv
30 mins playing the games I created earns 30 mins computer
And daily session of extramath.org earns 30 mins computer

Other than that she can play outside, with toys, on her mobigo2 video game (they are educational games) or on the wii. And her tv time is restricted to 1 tv show and one netflix show or movie. We will be getting rid of satelite soon so I can restrict what she is watching. There are a TON of really stupid cartoons on tv lately that I do not approve of.

So that is rhe plan (as of right now) for this school year. I also plan that our school year will probably end or drastically slow down in April with the arrival of the newest member of our family. But we will see how that works out when the time comes.

Ok well our morning break is over now. Time to move on to reading….have a good day everyone!