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Ok so I have some spare time tonight and thought I would try to finish (or atleast add to) the previous post about what has been happening these past few months.


I have still been working with reading sight words with Tessa. We have not been working a lot on this, just when we are reading at bedtime. She just doesn’t seem interested in wanting to read during the day…especially with the nicer weather we have been having. But she has been doing quite well. Every night while David or I are reading to her we stop and point to all the sight words she has learned so far and let her read them. I have not introduced many new words lately because she seems to be guessing on a few. The words she seems to have the most trouble with are: is, in, it and on. In her defence they are all very similar. She usually guesses the word is “it” or “in” first depending on which word she read most recently. Then i tell her to look at the word and sound it out if she needs to. she seems slightly embarrassed to sound them out and has to look away from me and whisper the sounds. Then she will look at me and tell me the word.  The words she knows (for the most part anyway) are:

The       I    A     and     in    it    to   was    is    on    into     onto


The last two (into and onto) she always gets correct but now she has started to try to put a lot of random words together to form one word. Last night she said “the and sky together makes thesky” LOL. Maybe I should have waited to introduce those two to her! But she was the one who pointed it out and said that she knows those two words so she can read them now.

I am still having trouble getting her to do any writting but now that she knows some words it seems to be improving a bit. In the following picture she had decided she wanted to draw on the chalk board. After a few minutes of drawing she asked me to help her spell Mommy, Daddy, and Quinn. She can reconize them by herself but she gets confused on whether mommy or daddy has the A and which one has the O. Quinns name she did not need help with. Then my neighbour was at the door so I went to answer it. When I came back Tessa had added more words to the chalk board without any help. By-golly she IS learning. LOL


This is not school related but Quinn has recently been diagnosed by a dermatoligist with Eczema and Ichthyosis vulgaris (and since treating the Ichthyosis and diong further research about it I also believe he has Keratosis pilaris) If you want to learn about what these skin conditions are here are the wikipedia pages about them:




My poor boy! Although it does not seem to bother him (yet!) I feel bad knowing that this could impact his self esteem in a very negative way. Let me explain the extent of Quinns conditions because wikipedia explains the broad ranges of each of these. he does not have an extreme case of any of the above.

The skin on his arms, back, face and upper legs are always dry. Like white flaky really dry skin. When I use lotions it helps for a few hours then he is flaky again. He does not seem to feel any itch but he is only 2 and might not realize what it is. The skin on his lower legs have small, light brown, thick, rough patches (like fish scales). His scalp is white and flaky but also has small, orangish scales on it. This thighs and back of his upper arms also have rough bumps on them that are slightly red coloured. But the DR did not look at his upper arms or thighs to be able to diagnose this.

Anyways we have been given a treatment plan that involves a lot of special creams and ointments. We can only use certain laundry soap, body soap and  shampoo. He is also (apparently) not to have baths anymore, Only quick showers and no swimming as this will all dry him out really quickly and really badly. How many 2 year olds do you know who like to take showers???? Well Quinn doesnt like getting rinsed off but he likes to play with the stream of water coming fromt he showerhead. As for no swimming! He is a kid!!!! and we love swimming as a family, especialy when we go visit the grandparents in London and get to swim almost non-stop the whole time we are there. So to be honest….im not going to stop him from swimming. We will just be sure to go heavy on the creams and ointments afterwards.

The reason for my mentioning this was that I wanted to show updated pictures of Quinns hair cuts. Yes I said hair cutS. I took him to get a hair cut a month before seeing the dermatoligist. Then the Dr officially diagnosed him with Ichthyosis and showed me that he has scales on his head too and that is why we have special shampoo and head lotion for him. BUT…I have to use this head lotion only on the affected areas and only use a tiny amount. So this is where haircut #2 came into play. Here is the before picture (man did he ever need a haircut) followed by haircut #1 and #2.


Shaggy Boy


Haircut #1

Haircut #2- My little Baldy

Haircut #2- My little Baldy


Poor Boo-Boo Bear! He’s a baldy. I miss his hair so much…although he is still adorable with almost no hair.

And as an added bonus here is a pic of both kids in their brainwaves beanies that I made for them. I have since made them each a newer one to better fit their heads and they are in different colours than these.



Quinn has been doing great with his “school work” He knows all his colours now. He knows his shapes and has for a while. he can count to 13 by himself although 11, 12 and 13 do not sound like the numbers to strangers. I know what he is trying to say! LOL. He can recognize all the numbers 1-9 and gets them correct more often than not. We haven’t really been working on anything more than that except his gross motor skills (larger muscles) He is a boy afterall!!!!! he has been running like crazy and climbing up, on, into and around EVERYTHING. Which to the average person might not seem like a big deal…..he is 28 months and that is what 2 year olds do. I wasn’t so sure!!!! Quinn is what I like to call my “LAZY BOY”. That really isn’t nice….I know I know. And I shouldn’t *label* my child like that. I know I know. Hes not really lazy. I think he may actually end up being a perfectionist (or just lazy! LOL Only time will tell!!!!!!) Quinn first rolled over at 4 months old, Once. Just once. I thought maybe it was a fluke and I was seeing things or it was accidental but im sure it was not. He did not roll over again until he was 7 month. he did not sit up alone until he was 10 months old. He did not crawl until 17 days before his 1st birthday and he did not take his first steps alone until he was 21 months old (thats almost 2 years old and only 7 months ago!!!!)

I thought there might be something wrong with him when he was little. Tessa did everything right on track and was walking by 13 months. I know you are not suppose to compare your children to each other and I didn’t. I compared Quinn to the recomended milestone quidelines put out by health professionals.

Theory #1 is that Quinn is lazy. He just likes to take his sweet time to do everything. Which is true, he does take his time with a lot of things.

Theory #2 is that Quinn is a perfectionist and doesn’t even want to attempt things until he believes he can and will master it. So that is why, to me, it is a big deal that he is running and climbing all day- every day! I love it now that he is mobile. This also means that everything this spring/summer will be a first for him.

A couple weeks ago it was really mild outside after a few days of rain and Tessa has been bugging to go outside and play with the bubble machine the Easter bunny got her and Quinn. Quinn is also in LOVE with his Tonka Dump Truck he got for christmas. So outside we went for a lovely afternoon of pushing a dump truck, chasing and trying to eat bubbles and the smallest mud puddle I have ever seen that ofcourse my son found and had to spend almost an hour playing in. Most of the time he said he was cooking! It was amazing!!! His first time playing in the mud and he couldn’t get enough of it. Here are a bunch of pictures from that afternoon (which was followed by showers, lotion, a late dinner and shortly after…bedtime)


IMG_0003 IMG_0009 IMG_0012 IMG_0020 IMG_0022 IMG_0032 IMG_0037 IMG_0042 IMG_0054 IMG_0059 IMG_0060 IMG_0069 IMG_0071 IMG_0079 IMG_0095 IMG_0096 IMG_0105 IMG_0109 IMG_0116 IMG_0144 IMG_0163 IMG_0176

IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0244 IMG_0245 IMG_0258 IMG_0260 IMG_0267 IMG_0272 IMG_0281 IMG_0285 IMG_0297 IMG_0299 IMG_0300 IMG_0304 IMG_0305

Lately Tessa has been interested in lots of different things and comes jup with random questions out of the blue. A few weeks ago she asked me where electricity comes from and we went on the computer adn looked up a simple kids version to explain it. She did n’t want to go into much detail and research it further but I was fine with that. Today she was colouring with sidewalk chalk after we had our girly time and painted our nails and toes and there was an ant crawling on her picture she drew. So she asked me how many kinds of ants there were. I asked her to tell me how many she can think of. She said “red ants and black ants. I told her there were also brown ants and big black carpenter ants. Then she asked if there were yellow ants. I dont know if there are but tomorrow we are going to look up the different types of ants. she also found a potato bug and was scared of it until i told her if you touch it carefully it will turn into a ball and roll away. It does that so bigger bugs and annimals wont catch it and eat it. She also seen a ladybug today.

Pretty soon we are going to be diong our garden….with a twist this year. We will be moving mid-summer so we are going to be planting into 3 gallon ice cream buckets so that we can transport them to the new house and be able to harvest and enjoy all our hard work.

Gardening and reading will be our summer education plans as well as a a weekly (depending on the place planned for the week as it will change each week) park day with our homeschool group. We are also hoping to go camping. We go every year and LOVE IT!!!! And this year Quinn will enjoy it more because he is walking.

As you can see we have been doing and learning lots. As well as a ton of fun and playing!

I think Im all caught up now. And now Im off of to bed.



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