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A lot has been happening

So again I have not posted in a long time. Between crocheting and searching for things on Pinterest I can not seem to find/make the time to keep up with this blog. How do all these people find the time to keep up with a blog? Seriously…..if you have any tips on finding time to blog please share in the comments.



This post will be LONG and PICTURE HEAVY. You have been warned! 🙂


As the title states there has been a lot going on lately.

Quinn has been obsessed with my iPhone. I have a few toddler and little kid apps and he has been playing them almost non stop. And he is really good at them for only being 2 years old. His favourite games (not proper names for the apps) are:

Tthe Matching Zoo- Its a memory game where he has to match up 10 different zoo animal pictures. Im not sure how many different animals their are but he is a whiz at this game from the first time he played it. I was AMAZED at how quickly he caught on and how quickly he can match all the animals. Even my friends are shocked that he can do this game.

Toddler Teasers Shapes Version (my husband has the paid version on his phone which includes SOOOOO much more than shapes…well worth the $3-$4 to upgrade)- In the quizing section he is asked to touch a certain shape (he knows all these shapes because of this game <circle, square, triangle, heart, crescent, rectangle, diamond, hexagon, oval). The flashcard section shows flashcards of all the things he can learn/recognize with the game (thousands of them on my husbands version) Toy Box Section- he has to pop balloons to have the shapes drop, then the he has to drag the shapes to a cannon and shoot them back in the group, then their is a train track you put the shapes on (each time it says what the shape is) and then the train =drives and repeats the shapes again. Puzzle section-they have cut out shapes in the background and you have to match 1 shape at a time in the puzzle.

Fisher Price Lets Count- Counting and learning different animals.

Fisher Price Where’s Puppy- Level 1: he has to touch the dog and it list different body parts (nose, ears, eyes, mouth, tummy, arms, legs   Level 2: They ask you to find the body parts.

Fisher Price Animals- The game shows pictures of animals with the written name under it. When you touch the screen the animals make their sounds and it says the name of the animal

I really have to watch him with my phone now because he likes to move the apps around and once last week he set a passcode on the darn thing and it wouldn’t open with out it. Luckily he is only 2 and the passcode, which is 4 digits, only took me 2 minutes to figure out. “0000” LOL next time im sure I will not be so lucky!!!!!!!



Like Father, Like Son!!!!


Our black swallowtail butterfly emerged from it’s chrysalis. This was our first time trying to raise a butterfly from catterpillar. We learned alot from this experience!

# 1- Do not keep the butterfly house indoors over the winter!!!!!! The consistent temperature and artificial lighting will trick the butterfly into thinking spring has come and the days are getting longer. Our butterfly emerged roughly 2-3 MONTHS early!!!!!

# 2- Butterflies do not eat. They drink nectar from flowers. You can make a solution of 1/2 tsp sugar in 2 TBLSP water and feed the butterfly.

#3- Butterflies taste from their feet. We had to get the butterfly to step into the VERY shallow tupperware lid with “food” in it so that it would “eat”

#4- Butterflies do not have a mouth. They have a proboscis that unrolls. As Tessa explained it….they drink from a straw that is attatched to its face.

#5- Butterflies do not Pee or Poop. Apparently they absorb all the nectar they drink because I never seen anything in the butterfly house that needed to be cleaned up.

#6- Our butterfly didn’t seem to ever remember where the food dish was. I would use a medicine syringe (one of the baby ones used to give tylenol- it has no needle on the end) to squirt the sugar water into the dish but it never seemed to go near the dish after the first day when we started to feed it. I ACTUALLY had to hand feed this damn thing by getting some of the water on its feet and watching for the Proboscis to unroll and hold the syringe close so the proboscis could reach it and find the opening to get the food. It would only drink for about 3-5 minutes. I tried to feed it 3 times a day but it only actually drank anything probably once a day to every other day. It was a pain.

#7- After a while a butterflies wings start to deteriorate around the edges. Either due to age or possibly getting wet with sugar water when it would land in the dish.

#8- Butterflies only live for around 3 weeks. I warned Tessa about this everyday so that she was prepared for its death. Around March 12 th it warmed up a lot outside but I was sick so I decided that if it was still nice out the next day we would release it….fully knowing that it would get cold again and the butterfly would die. I was just hoping for a nice enough day out so taht the butterfly could fly out of eye sight before it died. Hoping to spare my 4 year old the pain of learning aobut death so young. It was not nice out the next day. In fact it snowed. So I told Tessa that it would probably die before we get to release it into the wild. David told her if it died we could press it in a book and get a picture frame for her to put it in and keep it forever. Well it lived for about 3 weeks and I was so sad for Tessa…….but honestly she was alittle sad and then remembered that Daddy said we could squish it in a book and keep it. So we pressed it and its still sitting in the book between 2 [pieces of wax paper. I have not gotten a picture frame yet. I have also not looked at the butterfly since to see if its getting mouldy or anything and TEssa has not asked about it since it died. I hope we can still keep it.

#9- Our butterfly was a female. It is my understanding that Male Swallowtails have more vibrant colours and the yellow colour dominates and is in larger patches than the blue. The Female Swallowtails have smaller patches of a dull yellow and larger patches of a dull blue.

IMG_0054 IMG_0048

Feb 21st- Homeschool Group Field Trip to Stones and Bones Museum, Sarnia Ontario.


There was sooo much to look at in the Museum and it was information overload…to the point that even with all the pictures I took I still can not remember what was so interesting/important about the things in most of the pictures that made me think to take the picture in the first place….with a few exceptions


The deer antlers are solid and will grow back. I think he told us they loose their antlers each year, but dont quote me on that. The other are horns, im not sure from which animal but they are hollow and do not grow back.


This is an actual real shrunken head. Tessa wouldn’t look at it because she said it was disgusting!


It was freezing in the Museum and Tessa was shivering. So I froze for the rest of the trip! LOL


This is a version of a Morpho butterfly. Only one side of the wings has the pattern on it and the other is see-through and looks purple/blue (opal) when the light hits it.


I believe this was a Morpho didius butterfly. The Museum guy told me he would hold it up to the light and he wanted me to take a picture of it with the flash off.


This is the same Morpho didius butterfly. The Museum guy did not move the frame or turn or tilt it at all. The only difference is this picture was taken with a flash.


Tessa wanted to go through all the stones in the bin and find a match for each type listed on the right side of the box.


She matched them all!


Then she wanted to group all the star by colour.

IMG_0073 IMG_0075 IMG_0077 IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0081 IMG_0082 IMG_0083

Feb 26th

Tessa finished her second session of gymnastics. We are not sure if we will sign up for another session because she seems to play around quite a bit compared to the other kids in her group (including the 3 year olds) Ive actually been wondering if we are going to do some of the upcoming field trips that are planned with the homeschool group. During the last trip Tessa had trouble sitting still and listening to the information the Museum guy was telling us. She kept bothering the other kids who were all paying attention. I think shes just not ready for a trip where she has to sit still and focus on a lot of information like that. She is more hands on and likes to look around. She had the same problem with the Honey farm trip. She said it was boring. She was not interested at all in the presentation/workshop that was going on. She wanted to look at and touch all the things they had on display instead. I have no problem with this but I do not want her to be disrupting the other kids who are interested and learning and listening. So we will take a break from the trips until I think it will interest her more.


She was so proud


Class picture (I blurred all the other kids faces for privacy reasons)

After this session we all took a month long break. During that time I had a few discussions with Tessa about what is expected if we do sign up again. I told her she needs to stay with her class and teachers. She needs to pay attention to what she is to be doing in each area. She needs to not wander off and explore things on her own. She MUST do all the stretches and warm ups so she doesnt get hurt. I told her if she doesn’t think she can do this we will not sign up again for a while.

We did sign up and this session is giong MUCH better. To be completly honest I dont think all the messing around previously was entirely Tessas fault. The teacher(s) <im not going to lie here….i never really payed attention to which teachers were working with the younger kids each time….i did however notice ona few occasions that the teachers seemed to think it was social time and didn’t pay a lot of attention to the kids. Kids would wander off and they didn’t notice. Kids were playing around and they didn’t notice, Kids would kick, hit, bump into other kids (not on purpose but while doing the routines without much supervision) and again the teachers would not notice. A few of the other parents were not impresseed with this either. One parent even said that you get what you pay for (we get a pretty good discount because we have a whole group attending at the same time “homeschool gymnastics”) Well I dont care how much we do or do not pay!!!!!! I did not sign up for my child to get hurt, play around, or be unsupervised. There was one time where the teachers and all the kids left the foam pit area to go somewhere else and they left Tessa in the pit alone for 5 minutes. I dont think she was playing around. It looked like she was having trouble getting from the middle of the pit to the edge so she could climb out.

But either way I told Tessa that if she was not participating and paying attention we would not return.

Im happy to post that she has done remarkably well so far this session. She also seems to have really connected with one of the teachers.  After the second class she even ran over and gave her a hug. Then I asked her what her teachers name was and she ran over to ask and told me her teacher friend was Emily. this week (week 3) she even reemmbered her name. I dont think either of the teachers this session are the same as the last session.

Im not sure if our talks during the month off have impacted her behaviour or if Emily has. But either way im happy and she is enjoying gymnastics.



Ok Im not nearly caught up with all the things that have been happening but its 1 AM and I should go to bed now. I will really try to post the rest soon and im trying to figure out a way to post more often.