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Ok so I’m not so good with keeping up on the blog. Sorry :-)

I know i really suck at keeping up with this blog thing. Sorry everyone! Lets see..whats new around here?

Tessa has apparently forgotten a lot her letters lately. I think she is just getting bored with the way we have been working on them so I have been busy trying to find new an dexciting ways for her to learn.

All this week I have been busy with pinterest trying to find fun games that I can make at home for cheap to get her excited about learning. I have found a bunch and have spent the last 3 days creating peices for what Im going to call our “GAME BOX”. Almost all of the games I have decided to put into the box can incorporate numbers, letters, colours, shapes and sight words. Oh I forgot to mention that Tessa informed me last weekend that she wants to learn to read, NOW! So off I went to find a list of sight words and games/activities to go with them.


If you are following me on Pinterest all these pins for games can be found in my games board or my reading board.



Here is a list of the games Im going to be putting into the box once i finsh making or purchaseing supplies for them:

Go Fish- I have made 2 decks of “cards” for the alphabet on these foam sheets found at the dollar store (one deck in capitals and one deck in lower case letters) and im going to make 2 decks of  numbered cards 1-30 but im going to do numbers on 1 deck and either dots (like dice) or the written number on the other deck. I also think im going to use the sight words flash cards and make another set.

Memory- 2 decks of cards. ABCs, #s, sight words, etc

Bingo- Im giong to make blank cards and laminate them so we can keep re-using them for either ABCs, sight words, #s, etc

Fiddle Sticks- Craft sticks in a cup with things written on them (ABCs, #s, words, etc). I have to find the larger/wider popsicle sticks.

Parking Wars- Must make and laminate a parking lot picture and get some stickers large enough to write on but small enough to fit on a dinky car.

Drag Racing with ABCs, #s, words, etc- I will add this game later once Quinn gets a racing set as a gift (maybe for easter)

Draw an Alien- I haven’t really had a chance to check out this game in detail but its on my board and im going to check it out later

Twister- Again giong to add to the box once we purchase the twister game

Board games- I have found 2 blank templates for board games and im going to laminate them

Yahtzee Junior- I have to find dice with numbers on them instead of dots (im going to add the dotted dice as well)

Odd/Even- dice game

10’s Go Fish (harder game for older kids)- Like go fish but you must ask for a numbered card that when matched to your card will make the sum of 10.

Shape Fill-in- Take a basic picture (say a circle) and draw a grid inside. Kids roll dice and colour the amount of squares they roll, taking turns. Player with the most squares coloured wins!

Clear the board- I have to get some small cube blocks for this game

Train Race- again needing the cube blocks and some yarn/string

More or Less- I will wait until she is a little better with numbers before we add this game

Coin Exchange- Again I will wait unti she is a little older for this one

Make Zero- Again for when she is older

A Few of the games are for when she is a little older and learning to add/subtract, learning about odd/even but I’m adding the instructions and supply list now so that I dont forget about them. Im also thinking of setting up a math game day with the homeschool group and I wanted to have some games for the older kids in the group.

So far I have made the alphabet cards on the foam sheets and written out all 220 sight words on flash cards, and written out the supplies/instruction list for all the games on recipe cards. Tessa and I have already played alphabet go fish once and she had fun and there was only 1-2 letters she needed a little help with (mostly because they were lower case letters and we have been working on mostly uppper case letters, which i know was totally the wrong way to start off! LOL I will do lower case when Quinn is learning!)

Today is Valentines day and we missed out on our homeschool groups valentines party 😦 But we spent the morning making some valentines cards for family and friends. Tessa had a blast but then got sad when she said she wanted to make her grandma and grandpa a card and send it to London. They are on vacation in Florida and wont be home for a few weeks. So she decided it would be too late for them to get it! I was thinking of finding out where they were and sending them to Florida but as far as I know they are only staying in 1 place for a few weeks before they move on to a new destination. i woulld hate for them to have to leave before getting the card and I do not have a clue how long it would take to reach them so sadly they are not getting Valentines.

IMG_0010 IMG_0014 IMG_0015

After making the valentines Tessa surprised me and said she wanted to do some “homework” (worksheets done at the kitchen table!) Tessa HATES to write. She will actually start to whine and say that her arms hurt and she is tired if I try to make her do more than 1 page.  I actually had to bribe her to finish writting everyones names on the valentines. So I was quite shocked that she wanted to continue writting on the worksheets. She chose to do sheets from one of the numbers books. I think she did 5 sheets (front and back) today. Daddy will be happy to come home and actually SEE the work she did today.

I know I am kinda all over the place with this post today and I appologize but I have a lot I want to write down and no time to edit this post and put things into the right paragraph and what not. So here is some more jumbled stuff that I want to make sure to write about….

There are 2 main reasons I am creating the Game Box. #1 Tessa seems to need some new fun ways to learn as she seems bored with the worksheets and hates to write anything out anyways. And #2……. she has been spending WAY too much time watching tv and playing Wii games. I think if I make learning into more of a game she wont mind turning off the tv for a large chunk of the day (I am also taking some notes from a homescfhool mom friend of mine who swears her style of homeschooling now a days is just playing games with her kids! Thanks Mel!) Also to help out with the addiction to the Wii I am looking into buying some educational Wii games instead of the crap games we have right now.

The 3 games we have that Tessa plays are Dora and the enchanted crystal, Disney Princess’s (whichshe beat yesterday) and the new game my neighbour got for her 2 weeks ago, Tangled. I am looking into getting some Reader Rabbit games for the Wii. Really I wish she would go back to playing on the computer instead of watching tv or the Wii. I have many educational games bookmarked for her but she is not interested in them right now.

I have still benn slowly working on colours and numbers with Quinn but he seems to think everything is pink or red right now (not related to valentines day at all) He just seems to not care so I have been taking it slow with him.

Quinn and I did have some fun last week together while Tessa was having a sleep over at Grandmas. We brought some snow into the house for him to play with (I am allergic to the cold and break out in hives if I get too cold so the kids have been suffering lately with no outside time. Well actually Tessa still goes outside with her 9 year friend but Quinn has been stuck in the house with me. So a bowl of snow a little food colouring and a spoon was all we needed to have some cold fun indoors. it was fresh clean snow so no worries there and I stayed nice and warm. Mind you I did have a huge wet mess to clean up but it was worth it. This also gave Quinn some more practice with eating using a spoon. He really is still very messy with a spoon. He now insists on having a fork while eating dinner because he sees all of us with one. He is a little better with a fork than he is with a spoon….unless we are having rice then it just gets everywhere no matter what!!!!! LOL




Oh…..looks like my time on the computer is up, kids are acting up and I have to go. I know this post didnt make  whole lot of sence but hopefully someone can understand it…LOL