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Wow 2 posts in 2 days!!!! LOL


So I know I said I was re-addicted to crocheting a while back and that is the reason for my lack of posts.

I was busy making some homemade gifts for christmas. I made some facial scrubbies for all the women in my life. They are the softest things anyone will wash their face with!!!! I cant even remember the brand/type of yarn I used but it was seriously soft. Sorry I do not have pictures of these.

I also made some gifts for my children. I wasn’t entirely sure if I was giong to get them finished in time, but I made it with 2 days to spare….Whew!!!!

I found this pattern to make crochet dolls on ravelry (OMG im soo addicted to ravelry. It’s like pinterest for knitting and crocheting. If you have ever been on pinterest then you know how easy it is to lose yourself for 2, 4, 6, or even 8 hours. But i love it!!!!!). Once I made the first one I realized the doll turned out much smaller than I expected so I doubled the pattern and made a second one. I decided that the small doll would be a “Quinn” doll and the larger one is a “Tessa” doll. I think they turned out fantastic for being my first attempt at amigurumi.

Once I finished these i decided to make Quinn a dinosaur. I had a lot of trouble trying to find a pattern for a dinosaur I liked (let alone a free pattern for one I liked) but after a few days of searching pinterest and ravelry and trying google searches I cam across one that I thought was perfect. Again I made one and it turned out smaller than expected so I doubled the pattern and made a second one. I’m not entirely sure what happened but the larger one seems to be way more than double the size of the first one!!!!!! LOL. I was really worried that I wasn’t going to finish it in time. My hands were cramped up and soooo sore from working on it every chance I had while Quinn was sleeping but I managed to get it all done 2 days before christmas. It was ALOT of hard work and my hands hurt for a good week afterwards.

I dont think I will be working on any more amigrumi for quite some time (even though I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to all the patterns i want to make)

Anyways here are some pictures of the dolls and dinosaurs.



My re-established addiction with crocheting was not satisfied with these projects. I actually recieved a bunch of pink and purple yarns as a christmas  gift from my hubby and I have begun to make a blanket for Tessa for her birthday (no Quinn is not getting one for his birthday but I do have plans to make him a similar one to Tessa’s)

I am making Tessa a blanket using the african flower hexagon pattern on ravelry. I have 3 colours of pink and 3 colours of purple to make the flowers with and white for the egding. Quinns blanket will also be hexagons using the 5 pointed star pattern and blue and brown yarn…possibly orange as well. Not sure what colour the edging will be yet for his.

While I have been busy crocheting away Tessa keeps telling me she wants to make things for people too. I have not tried to teach her with a crochet hook yet but I may try (although I dont think she is quite ready yet)

Wow look at me totally taking over my homeschool blog to show off my craftiness!!!!!!! I guess I should try to post a picture or something realated to my kids…lol

Here is tessa making her “winter sand castle”. She absolutly refused to call it a snow castle.




She was sooo proud of herself!!!!

Now she was showing off her winter sand castle to the world!!!



2 thoughts on “Wow 2 posts in 2 days!!!! LOL

  1. Those are absolutely awesome! And you’re on Ravelry too! You should look me up. My name on Ravelry is Sarasyn. I should be easy enough to find. I don’t have very many projects on there right now because my hands have been too bad (I have bad skin *pout*), but everything I’ve worked on has been put up there.

    • I did start to follow you. Sorry I never repied to this. I am under noschoolmomma. You can follow me back if you wish. You have a lot of raelly nice projects!!!!

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