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Homeschooling our children in Ontario

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Sorry for the lack of posts!

I have recently become re-addicted to crocheting thanks to a friend suggesting I check out Ravelry (Its just as addictive as Pinterest only its for crocheting and knitting!)

I have not posted anything in quite some time because I have been busy making hats, mittens, slippers, granny squares for a blanket for Quinn and  a few christmas gifts to give away.

I do not have any pictures for this post but we have just been working on the same stuff. Letter recognition, Phonics and counting for Tessa and I have begun working with Quinn on colours and shapes as well as counting to 5. He know the numbers 1-5 and will repeat after me or even say the next number. Right now he is kinda obsessed with the number 6 and 9. He hears Tessa counting all the time and he will spend 20 minutes saying 6, 9 after he hears her counting.

Tessa now has my cell phone number memorized and we are working on our address. I have been working on the phone number for quite some time now and I honestly had no idea she remembered more than the first 3 or last 4 numbers in sequence…then one day while we were driving down the highway to town she blurts out my whole number and says “Is that right mom?” I was amazed!

This weekend Tessa was sitting at the table drawing a picture with Daddy and then he moved to the counter to make lunch and when I walked into the room she said to me “Mom I forget how to do a G” I looked at her paper and she had written out all by herself the Capitol letters A-F. I was actually stunned. This is the first time she has ever written a sequence of letters without it being her Name! The other things that amazed me about this were  1)  the fact that she started in the top left hand side of the page. Lately she has been writting her name backwards and she starts on the right(or atleast the first S…I think she realizes its backwards and fixes it for the second S). and 2)  All the letters were the same size and in a straight line. Previously she would have written all the letters on an upward angle starting inthe middle of the page and each letter would be different size, whether it was larger or smaller seemed to depend on the letter. S was always the biggest and E the smallest when she writes her name. I still can not believe she wrote it out all by herself and they were PERFECT

That same day Quinn joined Tessa and daddy to colour in his highchair and he made random scribbles of colour and daddy drew him some basic shapes. He loves Circles by the way!!!! LOL. He had made a few patches of each colour and because i was starting to work on colours with him I thought i would ask him to show me certain colours. He correctly pointed out Purple, Orange and one other colour (i cant remember which one). And then today at our playgroup Quinn was playing with these fridge magnet shapes and pictures and he took about 6 of them off and was looking at them. I asked him “where is the circle?” knowing that he would get it correct (did i mention he loves circles? he points to them on my shirts or any other things which have a clearly marked circle on it) Then I asked him where the rectangle was and he pointed to it….i was surprised. Next I asked him where the triangle was and again he found it. I then asked him where is purple (the circle was purple) and he looked at me, smiled, and ran away laughing! LOL I guess he was done.

The other night while reading TEssa her bedtime story I decided to point out the word DOG to her. I spelled it out to her and had her repeat it. We were reading a DR seuss book called “Go Dog Go! and as you can imagine the word dog is on every page. While we were reading I would not say the word dog and let her look at the word and she would say dog or dogs. After a ffew pages I pointed out the word in, a,  and then on but she did not do as well with these words so I just continued to read the book and let her read out the word dog or dogs. I think im giong to make up some large flash card type things with one sight word on each card and have her hold and look at them while we read. I think I will work on one word a week and see how that goes. She seems very interested in learning to read and also to write. There have been a few times in the last few weeks where she has gotten a pen and paper and asked me how to spell certain words. Mostly princess and fairy as those are her main interests lately. She swears every day that she is a real fairy and she can do magic but can ony do it in an emergency so she can not show us. But she also swears that our neighbour who is her best friend is her sister….for real! LOL I have explained to her that fairies are pretend and that her friend can not be her sister because they have different moms and dads but she doesn’t quite get it yet. OH to be 4 again and not entirely know, care or want to believe the difference between real and pretend!