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Busy Week Part 2

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I appologize for the long delay of this post. I seriously think I need to start cutting back on the number of photos I post because using photobucket to upload and then resize and then post is taking forever and is most of the reason it takes me so long to post….its taking me more than one evening to get the photos ready so I can write the posts.

Ok…..on to the rest of our busy week

As I mentioned in Part 1 I have been getting back into crocheting (to be honest im taking it up again to help keep my hands busy because im trying to cut back and eventually quit smoking….YAY!) Well one day while Tessa was playing outside and Quinn was napping I decided to bring my hook and yarn outside. Tessa came over and started watching me and said “I want to learn to crochet when i get to be 16 mom…will you teach me?” This was great because i had been talking with our homeschool group about our theme days and one of the months we are going to do handy crafts. I offered to teach the kids how to finger knit. I LOVED doing it as a child at day camp and that sparked my interest in learning more. So I had posted on a freecycle site asking for any left over or unwanted yarn and a family member of mine gave me a huge bag of a bunch of different coloured yarns  for us to use. I told Tessa to go grab some yarn from the bag and I would teach her something. She was excited and I was happy to see that she was not only interested but she totally understood how to do it. She decided to make her finger knit chain into a bracelet.

The next day her friend came over and she insisted on showing her how to finger knit…infact she showed anyone and everyone that she could!!!!!

This week Tessa started doing gymnastics with our homeschool group. She was so excited. Before we went to officially sign up (a few weeks ago) we picked up this outfit for her. it was a dance outfit but she wanted it because it had a sparkly skirt with it. Turns out we didn’t need to get an outfit and most of the kids just wear shorts and  a t-shirt but Tessa loves her outfit and I think it adds a little something special for her. I was not allowed to take pictures at the gymnastics club so I took this shot at the Early Years Center we go to. I will be able to  take pictures during the last week so I cant wait for that.

I have been trying all summer long to get Tessa to try to do summersaults but she just couldn’t push hard enough to flip herself over. On the first day of gymnastics they pulled out this angled cushion mat and had the kids stand at the higher end and do a summersault on it….with the added help of the angle and gravity Tessa was able to do her first summersault. Later that night she wanted to show daddy that she could do it and she put some couch cushions on the floor and actually did a summersault. She has been doing them like crazy ever since.

Also before we signed up for gymnastics we had watched some youtube videos of gymnastics in the olympics and also some amazing child gymnasts. I was seriously amazed at what these young kids could do. Mind you one of the 5 year old girls we seen said she trains for up to 9 hours a day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why in the world would you have your 5 year old child “train” for that long? I could see adding a few days a week of an hour each if the child were seriously interested in learning more but 9 hours a day seems totally ridiculous to me. Anyways……..That was when Tessa decided that she was interested in trying out. When we arrived the first day Tessa informed me that she was absolutly not giong to  try the uneven bars….they were to scary. I told her not to say she wouldn’t try but to watch the other kids first and then decide. Then she asked if she could watch the kids on the beams too because they were  a little bit scary. I told her that she could watch all of the other kids go first for everything and then she could decide if she wanted to try it. I also told her that her teacher will be very careful to help her and make sure that she didn’t get hurt but it was ok if she didnt want to try things today.

She ended up trying everything that the other kids did and she LOVED doing all of it. I was very glad to see that she atleast tried. Most of the kids have been in gymnastics before but this was our first year so Im not expecting a superstar right off the hop but now that she has tried everyting I have told her that I would like her to atleast try all the new things each week so that she can see if she can do it. I took gymnastics when i was little and I had a great time. I was not a superstar by any means but I loved it and continued diong it for quite a few years. I look forward to finding out if Tessa wants to continue to go once this session is done….but I also want to try her out with ballet…..after all she is my little princess and loves to dance and prance all around the house, parking lot, restaurants, shopping centers, friends houses……etc!

The next event in our busy week was the Honey farm trip. We went to the Munro Honey and Meadery Farm. It was a 45 minute drive and Quinn was not at all impressed to be sitting in the car for that long and once we arrived he did not want to sit in the stroller. I didn’t get to pay a whole lot of attention to the speaker and all that because i was busy chasing the boy around. And to be completely honest after about 10 minutes of Tessa sitting down and listening to the lady speak, she looked at me and said “This is boring!” They really didnt catch the attention of the younger kids until they started passing around the honey comb for the kids to touch and the honey tasting session. I will say the older kids in the group seemed to really enjoy hearing all the facts and what not.

When we first arrived we walked into the store front and they had  a hive behind glass that you could see up close and not worry about being stung. I was quite surprised to see Tessa go up as close as she did. She wouldn’t touch the glass because she was afraid she would break it and the bees would get out.

Im not sure if I mentioned in Part 1 or not but we had a bee problem at our old place. There was a HUGE hive of honey bees that decided to make our home their home! i would estimate around 50,000 bees. We had thought that they were just makeing the hive up in the siding in our backyard but after we moved it was discovered that the hive was actually in the center wall of the upstairs between Quinns bedroom and the bathroom. This probably explains why we found over 50 bees inside the house during one weekend (this includes one crawling on Quinns crib mattress while he was sleeping, one that had died in Tessa’s water cup in her bedroom{she almost drank it actually} and one that i watched crawl out from behind a wall socket in the livingroom) It was crazy! I will post the picture of what our backyard looked like when we discovered we had a honey bee probem at the end of this post…..if you all stick around that long!!!!! LOL

Ok now on to the pictures from the Honey farm….



































































Here is the video

Invasion of the Honey Bee

Here are the pictures of the Honey Bee Problem we had at the old place. I also found a video which really shows how bad it was.



















Here is the video

Invasion of the Honey Bee


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