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Our first group Theme day

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We will be meeting once a week with our Homeschool Group for a Theme day…well actually it will be a theme month.

This week was our first meeting and to make it kind of easier on everyone we all agreed that we would play educational games together. The kids had a blast. All of the games have been donated over the years to the group so no one had to bring anything from home. Although once we got there I seen they did not have a candyland game and I think I might donate ours to the group after a little while.

Quinn absolutly loved playing with these and making a tower.

The tallest tower he made was 13 pieces before it fell over. He sat playing this game for about half an hour!!!!

I didn’t get a chance to see what this game was all about but Tessa liked it until Quinn came over and started pulling the pieces out. LOL

After this game Quinn just had fun walking around. He eventually made his way over to some kids playing chess. He kept stealing the pawns and putting them into his mouth. Luckily there were 3 sets of pieces and the kids decided it was ok if Quinn had the brown ones and they kept passing them to him when he came over.

Tessa and her friend were having fun trying to do Gymnastics moves. Her friend is 7 I believe and she is moving to the advanced group and will not be joining us for Gymnastics…Tessa is pretty sad about this because its her first year in Gymnastics and she really wants this friend to be there with her.

After the kids all had snack Quinn continued to walk around (and fall and get a nice big red goose egg on his forehead….which was gone with no bruise by the next day) And Tessa gave the lacing cards a try

Next weeks Theme day is our Honey Farm trip. Im really excited to go because ive never been to a honey farm before. It will be interesting to see how Tessa reacts…..we had a bee issue at our last house and it was part of the reason we moved….ill go into more detail about that in the post about the trip.



One thought on “Our first group Theme day

  1. looking forward to meeting you at the meadery…..looks like Theme Day was a hit!

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