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Results of Sci-Fri Sept 24th


I didn’t know if our science experiment was going to work or not due to our celery being very wilted when I remembered we had some left.

The purple food dye worked the best. I was amazed at how quickly and how much of the colour was in the leaves when we looked at it. The red food dye however didn’t do well at all but I think that was due to the celery.

Here are the pictures of the results. Tessa wanted to see the inside of the celery stalks so I sliced them all up so she could see.

The Blue Food Colouring

The Red Food Colouring

 The leaves were dried out, crunchy and turning brown. No red colouring at all. And I didn’t bother to take pictures when we sliced it up because there was nothing visible of the red food colouring traveling through the celery. I think the celery was just to old by the time we did this experiment.


The Green Food Colouring

The leaves were much darker than all the rest but Tessa didn’t think it was because of the food colouring because she said it wasn’t the same colour of green! LOL

The Yellow Food Colouring

You couldn’t see any yellow in the leaves but they were definatly a brighter green then they were originally.

The Purple Food Colouring




4 thoughts on “Results of Sci-Fri Sept 24th

  1. Very cool! I am going to have to try that one. Do you have a specific science resource for ideas or do you just make it up as you go?

    • So far I’m just making it up as we go. Tessa is really interested in collies and mixing them so I’ve been doing thing related to that. This week we will be doing finger painting and not sure about the week after that. I’m just winging it. Lol

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  2. What a cool experiment! I’m going to try it with Ally. I love reading your blogs..:)

    • Thanks Lisa. I’m glad you are enjoying following me. I’m sure Ally will love it. If she does, make sure you check back in a few weeks I have a couple really cool ones I’m planning!!!!

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