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Musical Flutes

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Today I was checking out our little library to find a book to read to Tessa and I stumbled upon the book “Music from the Sky” by Denise Gillard.

This book was given to us this summer as a part of the “Bond to Literacy” Program we took. In the package we received the book and a homework package that had instructions on how to make a homemade flute. Tessa loved it so I thought she might want to make it again. I had also found a post on Pinterest for making another type of flute that she would enjoy. Here are the instructions (with pictures) on how we made our flutes today.

You will need:

– 1 empty toilet paper roll

-1 elastic

– Wax Paper

– plastic drinking straws (we used 9 but you could use more or less)

– tape

– scissors

– pen

– stickers/markers/paint (for decorating)

Flute #1

-Decorate the toilet paper roll using your stickers/markers/paint

-Cut a piece of wax paper into a circle larger than the opening of the toilet paper roll

– Place the circle of wax paper over the opening of the toilet paper roll and hold the sides down

– Wrap the elastic over the toilet paper roll to secure the wax paper over the opening of the toilet paper roll

– Use the pen to poke small holes in the wax paper over the opening of the toilet paper roll

– Blow or make sounds into the open end of the toilet paper roll. This will make the wax paper vibrate and make “music”

-Voila! A homemade flute.

***We found that making a “do” sound worked better than just blowing into the flute***

Flute #2 (Pan Flute)

– Using the scissors trim the straw to just under the bendable section (if you are not using straws with a bendable section leave it the full length)

-Cut each of the remaining straws so that the next one is about 1 cm shorter than the last one.

– Lay a piece of tape on the table with the sticky side up and stick the straws on starting with the longest to the shortest. Make sure the ends are all even at the bottom.

– Tightly fold the tape over the top of the straws and wrap around if your tape is long enough.

***Make sure the tape is not too close to the even edges or it may end up getting soggy if the flute is for younger children***

– Place the pan flute against your bottom lip making sure to hold it parallel to your body and softly blow into the straws

***Tessa thought it worked just fine holding it on an angle and slightly away from her lips but to be honest it works better if it is parallel to your body***

Voila! You have made a pan flute. You will get higher pitched sounds from the smaller straws and deeper sounds from the longer straws.

***I think wider straws might have worked better. We just used what we had around the house***

After Tessa played with her flutes for a while she decided she wanted to watch a video of people playing real flutes. So we went to youtube and watched videos of regular flutes and this one of a pan flute


She loved the sounds of the pan flute and thought it was more interesting than a regular flute.

If you wish to check out my Pinterest post here is the link that I used.   http://pinterest.com/pin/7318418114928741/

Feel free to follow me or to Pin this on Pinterest!


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