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Tessa’s new bedroom set arrived today!


For part of Tessa’s birthday present we decided to get her a new bedroom set. She was soooo excited that it was due to arrive today. Once the delivery men arrived she wanted to watch them set everything up. She asked them what each tool they were using was called and then she asked if she could help by handing them the screws. She was happy they let her help.

Once the delivery men left we made her bed and she wanted to play in her room. We went and picked out some toys she could keep in her room and she decided she wanted to play with her new tea set she got from her best friend. Then she picked out some dolls and stuffed animals to invite to her party.

Here are some pictures of her new bedroom set while she was having her tea party (which by the way I was not invited too! 😦 )

In this picture she just realized that she didn’t have enough tea cups so that she could have tea with her dolls and stuffed animals.

Then she said her Monkey does not like the tea so she can drink from his cup. Both the Monkey and Bear (named Cuddles) are boys and Strawberry shortcake and Cinderella are girls so they had to sit on different sides of the bed.

Now she decides that she needs to wear her princess crown because she is not the waiter anymore she is a guest! She was a proper princess too! She would say “Pip Pip, Cheerio” and hold up her pinky finger before each drink of her pretend tea! It was Hilarious.


2 thoughts on “Tessa’s new bedroom set arrived today!

  1. I just wanted to say I am really enjoying your blog! It reminds me that I need to get back to mine:) Savanna has the same tea set at her great-grandparents. She even served tea to two engineers one night:) Can’t wait to finally meet you at gymnastics in October.

    • Im glad you are enjoying it. Im enjoying writing it and im actually surprised to see I have a few followers and none of them are family! LOL. We signed up for Gymnastics today…..I cant wait!!!!!! Looking forward to meeting you and Savanna as well 🙂

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