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Homeschooling our children in Ontario

We have a new member in our Family

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After we finished baking our strawberry banana muffins I decided to go out and harvest some of my herbs. I never did get to the harvesting part. I noticed this little guy (or girl) on my Parsley.

I called Tessa out and she was soooooo excited. My brother had found a giant green caterpillar on his way home from work about 3 weeks ago and brought it home for his kids and Tessa wanted to go out and find her own. We took a large mason jar and went on a hunt but came home empty handed. I probably should have done some research before we went out to try to find out the best places to find them. She was quite upset that we didnt find anything in the grassy field behind our place or in the bushes along the sidewalk of our place or in any of our neighbours gardens. But had I known what plants make the best host plants for caterpillars  and what time in the year to look we might have been more successful….Anyways….Now we found one, and it was in our own backyard!

We put him in our mason jar and checked him out for a while.

After taking note of what colours were on our caterpillar we went to research it and find out if it would be a butterfly or a moth. We looked at lots of pictures and decided it was a Black Swallowtail Butterfly. Tessa thinks it will be a girl but I told her we have to wait until it makes a chrysalis and the butterfly comes out to tell if its a boy or girl. She cant wait until it turns into a butterfly. I just hope it doesn’t take to long….I will have to do more research on that.

The next morning we checked on our little caterpillar but it had not made a chrysalis yet. It did however eat the whole branch of Parsley I had put in the jar and HOLY COW does that thing ever Poop lots!

Ok well we will keep everyone up to date with what our Caterpillar is doing!


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