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Baking Muffins!!!

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Tessa LOVES to help me cook and a few days ago she asked me if I knew how to bake. Ha Ha Ha! David usually does all the baking in the house.

My mother is diabetic and never baked so I never learned how to bake anything more than a cake from a box. But recently with my new found boredom with food I have branched out and been trying new recipes….including a few treats. About a month ago a found a really easy recipe for strawberry banana muffins which my kids gobbled up so I saved the recipe. Luckily for Tessa we ran out of muffins and happened to have everything we needed.

To start I made sure she knew the names of all the ingredients we were going to use (which sparked her idea to name her hampster Vanilla instead of “Princess Rainbow Daisy Peach”)

Then we talked about the measuring cups and spoons. I explained to her that 1 Cup is the same as 2 of the 1/2 Cups….ofcourse she didn’t believe me and we used water to prove I was right. Then I told her that 1 Cup is also the same as 4 of the 1/4 Cups…again I had to prove it to her. Then she asked “How many of these (holding up the 1/3 Cup measuring cup) are in 1 Cup?” So I said lets find out. Im sure you all know what the answer was.

Wow that was a fun math lesson….now lets move on to baking!!!!

Tessa helped measure and dump the dry ingredients into a bowl and the wet ingredients into another bowl. I asked her to help mix the dry ingredients and told her that we had to mix slowly so our ingredients didn’t spill out of the bowl. Then she wanted to help mix the wet ingredients. I told her that we had to mash the bananas and she gave it a try but decided it was too hard for her and asked me to help. Then she slowly mixed the wet ingredients. Next we added the dry to the wet and she began to slowly stir them together but as it started to thicken she told me her muscles were not big enough to mix it all and that I had to help her.

Once the mixing was done we put the paper cups into the muffin tray and Tessa counted them…..1 Cup, 2 Cup, 3 Cup, 4 Cup she was counting like that until she got to 9 Cup. She had lost count because the “cup” was confusing her she said. She started over and counted all 12 muffin cups on the first tin. Then we put paper cups into another tin and she was going to start over at 1 but I reminded her that we already did 12 and we should count how many in total we are going to make. She she counted until 19. We are still working on our numbers after 19. Once she hears 20 (or 30 or 40 or 50 etc; she can count again until the next multiple of 10) There’s some more math for the day!

So once we put all 24 cups in the tin we filled them half way with our muffin mix. Once they were cooked she ate 3 of them and said they were the best muffins she has ever made!!!!


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