Our No School Adventure

Homeschooling our children in Ontario

Interesting Bugs/Animals we have found


According to Wikipedia the following picture is a Cicada. When we first found it there were no wings on it. The next day Tessa told me that we caught two bugs. Upon closer inspection I realized that our bug had shed its skin and now had wings. Tessa told me she loved her bug and had fun watching it walk around and trying to feed it grass.

This next bug flew in our patio door one night. Tessa was in bed so Daddy and I caught it so we could show it to her in the morning.

Wikipedia says its a “Microcentrum is a genus of katydids, commonly known as angle-wing katydids.” Tessa just called it a leaf bug. I wish Tessa had been awake to hear the noise it made. It was a really loud sound and we hear it all the time at night so there must be lots of them in our area.

Shortly after we moved to Corunna we noticed this huge dragon fly on the post at our front door. He stayed on the post for atleast 5 hours that day. Tessa thought he was pretty neat looking and made me take a ton of pictures. There were about a dozen of them flying around the little grass field that day but this one just hung out with us.

Also shortly after we moved here I found a toad hanging out in our garden. Tessa didn’t get to see him because it was very late but I did take some pictures on my phone and showed them to her. David said that there are also lots of wild bunnies around Corunna but we have yet so see any.

We have also caught crickets and grasshoppers but I didn’t take photos of them. These were more interesting.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Bugs/Animals we have found

  1. Tessa is very brave….I would probably run the other way.

  2. To be honest Heather i was surprised that she was getting that close to it. Normally she runs away and wants nothing to do with any bugs!!!!

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