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Sci Fri

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I decided since I am not a science buff we would do science on Fridays…..probably not every friday but as often as Tessa wants. And I picked Fridays because Daddy loves science and is home from work every 3rd friday.

Tessa has been asking lots of questions about mixing colours lately so I figured we would play around with some food colouring. She LOVED it. She sat mixing colours for over an hour and made me write most of them down for her to show Daddy her experiments. It was soo cool.

I wrote down what colours she was mixing and when she was done stirring them I asked her what colour it looked like.

After a while she was mixing all the colours together and they all turned out the same and she was not happy about it and wanted to come inside the house to colour.

Here is the list of our experiments:

Red + Yellow= Orange

Blue + Yellow= Green

Blue + Red= Purple….she LOVES purple!


I had bought a package of Neon food colouring and she wanted to use those as well.

Red + Neon Purple= Dark Purple

Yellow + Neon Purple= Light Purple

Neon Blue + Neon Purple= Light Purple

Blue + Neon Green= Greenish

Blue + Red= Purple…again

Purple + Orange= Pink….YAY! She also LOVES Pink!!!!

Yellow + Neon Green= Light Green

Red +  Blue + Yellow= Grey

Blue + Purple + Yellow= Purpleish Grey

Yellow + Green + Purple= Brownish Pink

Blue + Purple + Yellow + Red= Purpleish


One thought on “Sci Fri

  1. Finger paints are also great for this purpose. They’re easy to mix, easy to wash off, and tons of fun to paint with. I remember having hours of fun mixing finger paints and painting when I worked as a nanny. I claim I just did it for so long because the kid I was watching loved it so much, but to be honest, I was always the one to suggest it because it was so much fun!

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