Our No School Adventure

Homeschooling our children in Ontario

First Day of No School

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Well it turns out Mother Nature had new plans for our picnic this morning. It was raining really hard when we woke up and our friends in our homeschool group decided to cancel the picnic and meet up at the Sarnia Library. Tessa was quite upset that we were not havinga  picnic lunch in the park but she was still excited to meet up with her new homeschool friends.

During the Summer I hosted a Free Splash Pad day at the Athletic Park in Corunna on Fridays. During our last day Tessa became friends with two beautiful little girls and she was very excited to see them again at the library. One of her friends had even made a sticker picture for her which she has posted on the fridge.

We arrived at the library before anyone else because Tessa couldn’t sit still at home knowing she was going to see her friends and meet some new ones. We picked out some new books from the “Top 100 Books to Read before Kindergarden” list we have been working on since the begining of summer.

Since going to the library regularly when we lived in Sarnia, Tessa has become quite fond of the little wooden rocking horse they have in the story time area. She even named her horse “Rainbow” (This is the first object/toy she has given a name to that was not “Quinn”. When her little brother was born she named all her dolls and stuffed animals Quinn and would go around saying that they were “her” Quinn and that her baby brother was “My” Quinn)

So after picking out some new books and spending some quality time with Rainbow a few of our homeschool friends arrived. They played a little while in the toy area and then moved on to the computers. Quinn spent most of his time happily walking all around the library and surprisingly did not pull any of the books off the shelf! Quinn also spent some time colouring on the paper table.

While all the children spent their time talking, playing and looking at books, the parents and I mostly sat on the steps of the story time area getting to know each other and talking about curriculum, trips we would like to do this year, and some ideas for our weekly theme day meetings.

We left the library after taking a LONG look at a book shelf full of books for sale. It was a great deal. $1 for a bag of books the library no longer needs. What a steal!!!!

And on the way home both of the kids fell asleep in the car.

I will admit that this afternoon we didn’t do much school wise…..But im ok with that. Tomorrow will be interesting. Limited television, a nice walk to see if we can find anything she wants to try to draw (thinking about atempting a Nature Journal), have some lunch, little man will go for a nap, we will read a book or two and I guess we will see what happens next!!!!!!


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