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Our first group Theme day

We will be meeting once a week with our Homeschool Group for a Theme day…well actually it will be a theme month.

This week was our first meeting and to make it kind of easier on everyone we all agreed that we would play educational games together. The kids had a blast. All of the games have been donated over the years to the group so no one had to bring anything from home. Although once we got there I seen they did not have a candyland game and I think I might donate ours to the group after a little while.

Quinn absolutly loved playing with these and making a tower.

The tallest tower he made was 13 pieces before it fell over. He sat playing this game for about half an hour!!!!

I didn’t get a chance to see what this game was all about but Tessa liked it until Quinn came over and started pulling the pieces out. LOL

After this game Quinn just had fun walking around. He eventually made his way over to some kids playing chess. He kept stealing the pawns and putting them into his mouth. Luckily there were 3 sets of pieces and the kids decided it was ok if Quinn had the brown ones and they kept passing them to him when he came over.

Tessa and her friend were having fun trying to do Gymnastics moves. Her friend is 7 I believe and she is moving to the advanced group and will not be joining us for Gymnastics…Tessa is pretty sad about this because its her first year in Gymnastics and she really wants this friend to be there with her.

After the kids all had snack Quinn continued to walk around (and fall and get a nice big red goose egg on his forehead….which was gone with no bruise by the next day) And Tessa gave the lacing cards a try

Next weeks Theme day is our Honey Farm trip. Im really excited to go because ive never been to a honey farm before. It will be interesting to see how Tessa reacts…..we had a bee issue at our last house and it was part of the reason we moved….ill go into more detail about that in the post about the trip.




Results of Sci-Fri Sept 24th

I didn’t know if our science experiment was going to work or not due to our celery being very wilted when I remembered we had some left.

The purple food dye worked the best. I was amazed at how quickly and how much of the colour was in the leaves when we looked at it. The red food dye however didn’t do well at all but I think that was due to the celery.

Here are the pictures of the results. Tessa wanted to see the inside of the celery stalks so I sliced them all up so she could see.

The Blue Food Colouring

The Red Food Colouring

 The leaves were dried out, crunchy and turning brown. No red colouring at all. And I didn’t bother to take pictures when we sliced it up because there was nothing visible of the red food colouring traveling through the celery. I think the celery was just to old by the time we did this experiment.


The Green Food Colouring

The leaves were much darker than all the rest but Tessa didn’t think it was because of the food colouring because she said it wasn’t the same colour of green! LOL

The Yellow Food Colouring

You couldn’t see any yellow in the leaves but they were definatly a brighter green then they were originally.

The Purple Food Colouring



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Sci-Fri: Sept 24th….Just a little late!

Today was a quick little science activity that we will check out over the next few days. We had some celery that was starting to wilt pretty badly so I thought we would stick it in some water with food colouring and see what happens. Tessa is still very interested in colours and mixing them and painting with them. So I thought this would be fun to watch over the next couple of days.


I put the water into the glasses and let Tessa choose what colours to make the water and how many drops of colour she wanted to put in. She picked purple as the first colour (ofcourse!) and then she decided to do red, blue, green and yellow.

We put the glasses up on the cabinet in the kitchen so we can see it while we eat. I just hope they will work with wilted celery!

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A whole day of Math!

Today Tessa wanted to play a counting game on the computer. I can’t remember what site we used but there was this fishing game. The fisherman showed you a number and picture of a type of fish and you had to catch them and put them in his net. Each level the fisherman asked you 5 times to put different numbers of a certain kind of fish into the net before the timer went off. I just wish the pictures were of real fish and not cartoon fish.

Tessa loved this game. The first level there was only 1 kind of fish to put in the net. The second level there were 2 kinds of fish but the fisherman only wanted 1 of them. The third level there were 2 kinds of fish and he wanted small amounts of each fish. The fourth level there were 2 kinds of fish and the fisherman wanted larger amounts of each fish.

Tessa only made it to the fourth level so im not sure what happens after that. There were just too many of the 2 kinds of fish and she was having trouble getting all of the second kind that the fisherman wanted so the time ran out. She tried again but was getting distracted by Quinn so she only made it to the third level before the timer went off.

After the computer game we went to the kitchen table and she started counting aloud by herself. She got to 29 and then asked what comes next. So I told her 30 and she continued to count. She has been doing this alot lately, especially in the car. She counted all the way to 55 one day with me helping her with the multiples of 10 only.

I decided maybe I should write the number out so she could see them. I thought this might help her with remembering the multiples of 10. I wrote out all the way to 100. She counted them all with me and I still helped her with 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 (which she was soo excited about because it has 3 numbers in it!!!)

Next we wrote out the mutiples of 10 and repeated themn again to help her remember. She loved being able to count to 100 and by the end of this she only needed help to remember 30 and 40. She remembered 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 all on her own.

Im going to try to write it out better and make sure it fits on 1 page so that we can go over it again when shes interested in counting again.


Update Sept 24th: Tessa wanted to count again in the car today. She counted all the way to 39 before asking for help with the multiples of 10. Im sure if we work on it again she will be able to get closer and closer to being able to count to 100 all by herself! Im so proud of my little girl!

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Musical Flutes

Today I was checking out our little library to find a book to read to Tessa and I stumbled upon the book “Music from the Sky” by Denise Gillard.

This book was given to us this summer as a part of the “Bond to Literacy” Program we took. In the package we received the book and a homework package that had instructions on how to make a homemade flute. Tessa loved it so I thought she might want to make it again. I had also found a post on Pinterest for making another type of flute that she would enjoy. Here are the instructions (with pictures) on how we made our flutes today.

You will need:

– 1 empty toilet paper roll

-1 elastic

– Wax Paper

– plastic drinking straws (we used 9 but you could use more or less)

– tape

– scissors

– pen

– stickers/markers/paint (for decorating)

Flute #1

-Decorate the toilet paper roll using your stickers/markers/paint

-Cut a piece of wax paper into a circle larger than the opening of the toilet paper roll

– Place the circle of wax paper over the opening of the toilet paper roll and hold the sides down

– Wrap the elastic over the toilet paper roll to secure the wax paper over the opening of the toilet paper roll

– Use the pen to poke small holes in the wax paper over the opening of the toilet paper roll

– Blow or make sounds into the open end of the toilet paper roll. This will make the wax paper vibrate and make “music”

-Voila! A homemade flute.

***We found that making a “do” sound worked better than just blowing into the flute***

Flute #2 (Pan Flute)

– Using the scissors trim the straw to just under the bendable section (if you are not using straws with a bendable section leave it the full length)

-Cut each of the remaining straws so that the next one is about 1 cm shorter than the last one.

– Lay a piece of tape on the table with the sticky side up and stick the straws on starting with the longest to the shortest. Make sure the ends are all even at the bottom.

– Tightly fold the tape over the top of the straws and wrap around if your tape is long enough.

***Make sure the tape is not too close to the even edges or it may end up getting soggy if the flute is for younger children***

– Place the pan flute against your bottom lip making sure to hold it parallel to your body and softly blow into the straws

***Tessa thought it worked just fine holding it on an angle and slightly away from her lips but to be honest it works better if it is parallel to your body***

Voila! You have made a pan flute. You will get higher pitched sounds from the smaller straws and deeper sounds from the longer straws.

***I think wider straws might have worked better. We just used what we had around the house***

After Tessa played with her flutes for a while she decided she wanted to watch a video of people playing real flutes. So we went to youtube and watched videos of regular flutes and this one of a pan flute


She loved the sounds of the pan flute and thought it was more interesting than a regular flute.

If you wish to check out my Pinterest post here is the link that I used.   http://pinterest.com/pin/7318418114928741/

Feel free to follow me or to Pin this on Pinterest!

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Chrysalis Update

I noticed this  yesterday but did not get a chance to take a picture until today. Our Chrysalis has turned brown. We also made a butterfly house….actually I made the butterfly house because Tessa was not interested in helping. I bought one of those dollar store mesh laundry bags for washing your delicates in it. I put some cardboard in the top and bottom to hold a rectangular shape to it and some rocks (washed them good first) to help weigh the bottom down. I will take a picture of it tomorrow and post. We have not move the chrysalis to it yet because I have not found my hot glue gun yet and I want to hot glue the bottom of the stick to the cardboard on the bottom and the top of the stick to the mesh so that it does not fall down. for next year I plan to build a better butterfly house but this should do just fine for the time being.


Tessa’s new bedroom set arrived today!

For part of Tessa’s birthday present we decided to get her a new bedroom set. She was soooo excited that it was due to arrive today. Once the delivery men arrived she wanted to watch them set everything up. She asked them what each tool they were using was called and then she asked if she could help by handing them the screws. She was happy they let her help.

Once the delivery men left we made her bed and she wanted to play in her room. We went and picked out some toys she could keep in her room and she decided she wanted to play with her new tea set she got from her best friend. Then she picked out some dolls and stuffed animals to invite to her party.

Here are some pictures of her new bedroom set while she was having her tea party (which by the way I was not invited too! 😦 )

In this picture she just realized that she didn’t have enough tea cups so that she could have tea with her dolls and stuffed animals.

Then she said her Monkey does not like the tea so she can drink from his cup. Both the Monkey and Bear (named Cuddles) are boys and Strawberry shortcake and Cinderella are girls so they had to sit on different sides of the bed.

Now she decides that she needs to wear her princess crown because she is not the waiter anymore she is a guest! She was a proper princess too! She would say “Pip Pip, Cheerio” and hold up her pinky finger before each drink of her pretend tea! It was Hilarious.